2019-03-22 17:33:14

Complete integration

In case of Complete integration the interaction between the System and the Project follows a complete procedure

A user selects goods or services at the Project web-site and presses Pay button. Then the user can choose a payment mode and payment system as well as enter information necessary for the payment.

Workflow in case of Complete integration

  • The User initializes the payment with the button "Pay" and choose the paymode on the Project site.
  • The Project gathers data if it necessary.

1. Project transfers data to the System. For details see General invoicing procedure section.

Several payment systems allow invoicing using the Background Requests:

2. The System sends the request of User or Order ID verification to the Project site and get the answer.

  • The System sends data to the Payment system.
  • The Payment system and the User process the invoice settlement.
  • The Payment system notifies the System about the invoice settlement.

3. The System sends the Payment notification to the Project

4. The System redirect User to the result page on the Project site (optional).

5. The Project check the payment status.


Additional actions:

The Project holds the funds (optional).

The Project refunds (optional).

The Project gets recurrent payments (optional).