2019-03-22 17:33:14

Simplified integration

In case of Simplified Integration the interaction between the System and the Project follows a simplified procedure.

The Project creates at its site a payment button with a link to the Project's payment page at the System site.

After pressing the Pay button the user is automatically redirected to the payment page on the System site, where he/she can choose a payment mode and enter the missing data, if it's needed. 

Workflow in case of Simplified Integration

  • User initializes the payment with the button "Pay" on the Project site.

1. Project transfers data to the System. The System creates an invoice.

2. The System notifies the Project via e-mail – Payment notification.

Simplified Integration is the easiest way to install and support the software communicating with the System processing solution and allows to reduce costs. 

But Simplified Integration is not completely secure, and the Project bears the responsibility for checking incoming payment parameters (especially the payment amount and characteristics of the ordered product).

The System offers to secure payments with additional requests. But all of them require modifications on the Project side: the handler on the special URL is needed.

1. User or Order ID verification - ensuring that the invoice and subsequent payment are tied to the correct account in the Project system.

Keep in mind that the User or Order ID verification in case of Simplified Integration happens twice: when the User goes to the payment page and when the User selects pay mode.

2. Payment notification to the special URL.

3. Redirect users to the payment result page on the Project site.