2019-03-22 17:33:21

Making payouts with register lists

Partner has an opportunity to make payouts from merchant's personal account with register lists.

Register list is the list of orders that act as a basis for creating and paying invoices.

Every order is a string contains attributes below: 

  • service, using to pay through, 
  • amount
  • currency
  • account of payee (may be described by several parameters - see the tag <params> in commissions action)), 
  • comment

Register file 

  • The register is a CSV file.
  • Contains UTF-8 and windows-1251 data.
  • Columns are separatedwiththe ";" sign. If the data in the register contain the ";" sign, it is necessary to enclose each occurrence into double quotes. 
  • Linebreak is used for separating lines.
  • All numeric values are displayed with an accuracy of 2 decimal places, the fractional part is separated bydecimalpoint (ex. 34.00).
  • The first line of the register file contains all the involved column headers in unordered sequence.
  • Every new string is a new order.

Detailed description of general headers: 

Parameter Description Format Mandatory

Payment provider ID in the GSG system (see Payments→Services at the merchant's personal account)

integer / string yes
account Payee account ID (such as card number) integer / string yes

Payment amount.

If the order payment amount exceeds the maximum value, several invoices are created for this order, so that the payment amount in each invoice does not exceed the permitted value

integer/double(4) yes
currency Payment currency ID

ISO 4217 number-3

comment Message that the payment recipient will see string (255)

no (yes for some providers)

txn_id Transaction ID (txn_id) in the project system  string (255) no

Several services apart from general require additional headers, that name as same as the parameter transferred according to the commissions action (see the tag <params>).

For example:

Parameter Description Mandatory
name Cardholder's name and surname (use latin letters) only for the service 9
expiry valid thru - expiration date of the card in MMYY format only for the service 9
phone Payee's telephone number in 79AABBBCCDD format only for the services 9 and 1047498

The first line must contain all defined column headers!

The registry may contain orders for different services. Depending on the type of service, different orders may contain different set of parameters listed in columns. As a result, some orders may require additional columns which do not apply to other records.
To combine information about all payments in a unified way in a CSV file, in the first line of the registry, you must define headers of all columns that are used in all orders. Accordingly, every order must contain fields for all defined columns.
If a parameter listed in a column does not apply to a particular invoice, leave the corresponding field in the order blank, separated by the semicolon symbol (;).

Example registry

9;510000001111222233;840;payout;IVAN IVANOV;1218;79012345678

Registry of errors

Before loading the registry there is check to find errors in the formation. This check verifies:

  • all the headers are defined;
  • the service is active;
  • payee's account complies with requirements of the GSG System (see the commissions action); 
  • the amount is more than 0.

If there are some mistakes in the loading registry, the registry of errors will be created.