2019-03-22 17:33:16

Invoicing in case of simplified integration

In case of Simplified Integration the interaction between the System and the Project follows a simplified procedure:

  • the Project creates at its site a payment button with a link to the Project page at the System site (the payment page);
  • after pressing the button the user is automatically redirected to the payment page on the System site, where he/she can choose a payment mode and enter the payment amount and User or Order ID.

Parameters of the simplified invoicing

Initial link for requests:

To send the request use the following rules:

  • method - GET.
Parameter Description Format Mandatory


Project ID in the System provided by the System technical specialists after the integration

int (e.g., 294)



Payment currency (three-character code transferred in accordance with ISO 4217)


ISO 4217, alfa-3


RUB by default


User or Order ID

string (e.g., test)

If the parameter is not sent the missing data will be requested from the user


Payment amount

decimal (e.g.,10.00)


Payment/Order ID in the Project system

string (e.g., asd1234)



Additional information necessary for the payment or statistic gathering on the Project side (up to 500 characters).

string (e.g., We know what we are but know not what we may be)



Payment comments

string (e.g., That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet)



URL-address used to redirect the user back to the Project site after successful invoice creation/settlement



URL-address used to redirect the user back to the Project site in case of invoice creation/settlement failure


Links generated on the basis of various parameter sets

Payment parameter form example

<form action="" id="pgw_payments" method="get">
<input id="project" name="project" type="hidden" value="294" />
<!-- Project ID provided during integration -->
<input id="paymentCurrency" name="paymentCurrency" type="hidden" value="RUB" />
<input id="nickname" name="nickname" type="text" value="test_nickname" />
<input id="amount" name="amount" type="text" value="100" />
<input id="pgw_payment_submit" name="submit" type="submit" value="Pay" />

Payment page view

The page consists of several blocks: 

  • Project logo (provided by the Project — a PNG image with transparent background and size from 200x200).

  • Payment information (receiver, amount, order ID).

  • Top Payment Systems (arranged automatically: up to 10 top Payment Systems with the maximum turnover for the Project within the last 2 weeks are displayed at the top of the page).

  • Comprehensive list of all Payment Systems available for payment from the page.

Request for missing parameters

If the Project failed to provide all mandatory parameters, the missing data will be requested from the user.

The page general view and processing procedures after such request remain the same as in the case when the parameters are provided by the Project.