2019-03-22 17:33:14

Notification via e-mail

After processing the payment the Project receives information on the invoice settlement.

Payment notification is sent via e-mail to the address indicated in in the Technical settings in the Merchant's personal account. 

The Partner will receive a letter with the following content: 


There was a payment conducted towards the "Test Project 123" Project.
Payment ID in the System — 135288208.
Payment ID in the "Test Project 123" system — <the parameter has not been transferred>.
User ID — 232.
Additional User ID — <the parameter has not been transferred>.
Amount paid — n.00, RUR.
Payment System — ххх
Payment description —
Other parameters provided by the Project along with the invoice
pg_hash: 51d641f35c054be01c6a69d674892c70
amount_o: 0