2019-03-22 17:33:18

Main API testing environment (sandbox)

To validate requests generated on your side we can provide you with test access to the Main protocol.

Sandbox functionality is almost the same as the actual API features (with the exception of background payments, iFrame invoicing and Additional actions).

Test payment systems are located at teh System servers and are dedicated exclusively to the emulation of payment systems performance.
Such payment system pages are just visual copies of the originals and are created with the sole purpose — to test possible actions of potential users. There is no information exchange between testing and actual systems. 

During the data exchange with the testing environment you can use actions similar to those of the real system.

To work with the testing environments you are to indicate in you requests a special Test Project number provided by the System specialists. 

Sandbox allows using the following payment modes:

Payment System

System currency

mode_type parameter

Test WebMoney WMZ



Test WebMoney WMR



Test WebMoney WME



Note that when you switch to the actual system you will have to change your Project and paymode IDs.

New Project ID will be provided to you after signing the agreement.


Potential user actions scenario

When the Simplified Integration is used or when it is impossible to create invoice within the Project, the user goes through all described payments stages starting from the first one.
If your Project is fully integrated with the System services, then you shall to create an invoice before testing a service (e.g. making a test purchase paying via the payment system). In this case your user is supposed to go only through stages 4-5 (a, b).

  1. Go to the payment gateway page using a link of the following structure

    • XXX — Test Project number provided by the System specialists

    • YYY — amount to be paid

    • Z — account ID

  2. Select one of payment modes.

  3. Press Pay with /selected_mode_name/ button. 

  4. Click Next.

  5. Select one of the following options according to the test scenario.

    5.1. If successful payment confirmation is required, press Confirm payment button.

    5.2. To test a negative scenario press Reject payment.