2019-03-22 17:33:13

Technical integration types

There are various ways of technical integration with the Main protocol:

  • Simplified integration (pgw, paymentgateway) is the easiest way to arrange electronic payments. The Partner is to use a link to the System payment gateway and indicate the Project ID and other settings. Users will be able to choose a convenient payment mode, enter required data and pay. 

Simplified Integration is the easiest way to install and support the software communicating with the System processing solution and allows to reduce costs.

But Simplified Integration is not completely secure, and the Project bears the responsibility for checking incoming payment parameters (especially the payment amount and characteristics of the ordered product).

  • Complete Integration (wmpaycheck) is a standard integration procedure demanding additional set-up and customization on the Project's side. The Project decides on the available payment modes and transfers all required data to the System. 

Complete Integration allows implicit invoicing using the Background Requests (xml), when it is necessary to avoid any appearance of the System software in the interface. In this case users deal with the Project and Payment System interfaces.

At present we support the following payment modes allowing payments without leaving the Project site: