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Global Service Gateway (GSG) — is a processing system which allows making payments to a wide range of Payment Service Providers in different countries.

GSG is aimed for web-projects, payments systems or payment kiosks networks making payments to different service providers.

Capabilities of GSG product:

  • access to dozen of thousands of service providers via a single payment gateway;
  • partner's personal account;
  • 24/7 client support all over the world;
  • high reward for the partners offering payment acceptance solutions.


API, Application Programming Interface — is a set of functions, procedures, methods or classes provided by a service to be used by an external software.

Partner — legal entity, which signed an agreement with licensor for accepting funds in favor of licensor. 

Partner account — account for Partner money transfers. The account may also be replenished with the funds collected from incoming payments. Balance currency should coincide with the clearing payments currency, specified in the agreement.

Service — payable object, provided by a service provider which is a beneficiary of payment. For example, top-up of mobile phone account by mobile operator.

Payment (payout request and payout) — Partner's request for a payout to the certain provider.

GSG integration: types and sequence of connection

There are two types of GSG integration:

  1. Payouts with register lists - allow to make payouts from merchant's personal account with register lists (CSV);
  2. Via API - allow to use flexibly all the benefits of API.

To integrate GSG it is necessary to do the following:

Payouts with register lists via API To do Contact (if your licensor is DengiOnline)
1 1 Sign an agreement with the licensor of the System Sales department (
2 2 Get Project id provided by technical specialists of licensor

Technical support


3 Create the secret key at the merchant's personal account
4 Establish data exchange within the GSG API (proceed test payments)
3 5 Replenish partner account* Financial department (
  Any questions  Support (

*In order to replenish the account Partner uses one of the following options: 

    • makes a prepayment to licensor account;
    • transfers funds collected from incoming payments. 

GSG also supports several other APIs with certain limitations.

  • OSMP (version 1.3.1)

  • EasySoft/Easypay (EasySoft-Provider v2.7)

  • Yandex