2019-03-22 17:33:15


Invoice creation is a process of adding a unique record containing payment information to the System database.

Different sets of data may be used depending on the Payment System type. If additional information is required, the user will be redirected to a special page with an input form.

Invoicing procedure depends on the payment mode:

1. Payment with transition to a third party site.

This procedure is used for most paymodes. 

  1. The System receives data necessary for the payment, creates an invoice and sends its details to the Payment System.
  2. User fills in a payment form at the Project site, and then he/she is redirected to a third party page to conduct the payment.
  3. After the payment the relevant information is displayed at the Project's web-page (if the corresponding URL-address is indicated in the settings) or at the System site.

2. Payment without transition to a third party site.

 Some paymodes including mobile payments, QIWI-Wallet and cash transfers allow for payments without redirecting the user to the Payment System site.

  1. The Project sends the data necessary for the payment to the System and in response receives invoice details. 
  2. These details are displayed at the Project page along with payment instructions. The licensor of the System provides instructions for invoice settlements that are to be published at the Project's site.

At present we support the following background payment modes:

    3. Payment without prior request

     In case of paying via payment kiosks networks or SMS messages the interaction between the Projects and the System begins only when the System receives payment notifications from the Payment System.