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Main protocol

Main protocol enables Project to accept payments from customers on web or mobile.


DOL — the DengiOnline Group, the main licensor of the System.

System — a type of software realizes interaction between Project, Customer and Payment system. 

Project — (or Merchant) service or web-site receiving funds through the System.

Customer — (or Payer) a person who pays for services or goods of the Project.

Payment System — an entity realizes transfer of funds from User to Project juridically and technologically.

Invoice — a consequence of the payment initialization in the System; contains details of the future payment.

Payment — a registrated command about funds transfer in the Payment system.

Integration: types and connection procedure

Integration type What is this? Requirements

1. Without integration

(Invoice builder)

Accept payments without even a website! Build direct links to the Project's Payment page directly from the Merchant's personal account Access to the Merchant's personal account
2. Modules for CMS

Simplified integration capabilities whithout attracting tech specialists

Website using one of the CMS platforms

3. Payment form creator

Simplified integration capabilities for small bisnesses. Build a payment form code to insert on your website from the Merchant's personal account

Website and access to the Merchant's personal account
4. Simlified integration

Basic capabilities: invoicing and payment notification. Customers have the option to pay how they want to pay

Technical assistant and access to the Merchant's personal account

5. Complete integration Basic and additional features Programming skills and access to the Merchant's personal account

More about tech integration

To join the System it's necessary to do the following:

Sequence Action Ask for the help
Common If your licensor - DOL
1 (1) Sign an agreement with the licensor of the System Sales department
2 (2) Get access to the Merchant's personal account and value of project



Technical support
3 (3) Create the secret key at the merchant's personal account
4 Complete the form Technical settings and activate test payment methods
5 (4) Proceed test payments
6 Get the list of real payment methods (mode_type values)
  Ask any question Accounting department

* In brackets - the procedure for simplified integrations 1-4.

General information about the System

Required sequence of requests

Invoice creation Create an invoice in the System Yes
User or Order ID verification Check that the Project system has is able to accept an invoice and subsequent payment are tied to the correct account in the No
Payment notification Payment initialization on the Payment System side, receive or hold funds Yes
User redirection Redirect users to the payment result page / to the project site No
Payment status check Indicating whether the paid goods or services can be provided to the customer Yes